Monday, September 28, 2009

A fall from grace...

So the big news today was the discovery of our neighbouring country's First Lady - or, more accurately, First Shopper Grace Mugabe's dairy empire.
Apparently Grace Mugabe, who took over a bunch of previously white-owned farms a few years ago, built them up into a production house that sells up to a million litres of milk a year to Nestle'.
She was apparently lauded for this achievement and admitted that the farms had been given to her by her husband, and she had since got the whole thing operational. In an "Aw shucks, you guys!" moment, she said she had done it all for dapper Bob, her elderly husband.
Admittedly her set-up is not nearly as productive as the national dairy that got ruined during Zimbabwe's downfall, but hey - the woman has her limits. Last year it was revealed that she flunked out of the University of London where she was enrolled for a Bachelor of Arts in English. Apparently she had managed to pass only two subjects in eight years.
Not one to sit around and get depressed, she simply raided Zimbabwe's Reserve Bank coffers and took her family on holiday to the Middle East after withdrawing R890 000 to fund the excursion. Never mind the crippling food crisis at home!
Sometime after that she made headlines again when she punched a British photographer in the face when he tried to take her picture in Hong Kong.
It seems Grace Mugabe is not a harmless woman.


  1. It stands to reason she's married to Bob! Like attracts like...