Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Has the world gone mad?

Today a mother cried inconsolably because she could not hold her children. She had to leave her toddlers in the cold government mortuary. She was denied one last chance to see her two-year-old daughter and three-year-old son out of kindness. Her family had told her that her husband had killed them with an overdose of medication. When she insisted on holding their little bodies, they had to tell her the truth. The man she had been married to for six years had in fact shot them - the little girl through the ear and the little boy through the forehead. Then he fired the gun one last time through the roof of his own mouth.
It all happened in a hotel room in the early hours of yesterday morning.
Stories like this break my heart. I have no idea how someone survives such a tragedy. I have much less idea why someone would commit such an atrocity.
The world is a scrambled, messed up place.
Today the KwaZulu Natal government held a sod turning ceremony for the house they are building for the man who killed himself last week because the Department of Home Affairs failed to issue him his identity book. He said he would rather be dead than commit crime, and there was no legal way for him to earn a living with an IS.
So he killed himself.
Now government is building him a house.
I totally don't understand any of this!


  1. OMG that does sound like absolute madness. What a sad world :(

  2. Oh no... I cannot imagine such heartache!

  3. Poor mother and she tried to get help. What is a scared mother trying to protect herself and her children to do. If she kills the lunatic herself she ends up behind bars forever so the children get killed instead. And whats a dead man going to do with a house. I dont know who he dealt with because I have been through that same home affairs and they were much improved and helpful but I suppose it helps if one has the knowledge to understand the processes and can fight for oneself. I cant understand the man's company for saying he would lose his job if he didnt have his ID. Surely someone there could have assisted him with his problem. I think the fact of being pushed into a corner by his employees also played a big part in his final decision to end his life.