Thursday, September 17, 2009

Floyd waxes lyrical

The ANC's Youth League, who claim to represent the interests of young people in this country, have once again embroiled themselves in the ongoing Caster Semenya gender debacle.
They are lashing out, blaming, accusing and behaving in quite a vicious, racist manner. But as far as I can see, their efforts serve to reveal their own intellectual shortcomings.
Take today's press statement, issued by Julius Malema's sidekick Floyd Shivambu.
Floyd is clearly so annoyed with the questioning of Caster's gender that his words are rendered senseless. At least to me. I have not yet been able to work out what he is trying to say here, so I quote directly from his statement:
"It was not only racist or sexist attack to the South African and African citizens; but it was also a direct vilification of heavy magnitude to Caster Semenya’s parents and herself as an individual thus grossly and intensively undermining her God given talent."
and then he rants further:
"It surprises that up to now, neo-colonialist interests still gatecrash and continue to be dragged into the sporting world."
And I wonder who will want to pass these ANCYL sentiments on to Caster now that the entire world knows she has had to undergo the photographing of her girlie bits:
"Gender identification doesn’t require super-powered-technology, but gender can be determined within a mere blink of the eye. So does it need a rocket scientist to determine the gender of a human being? We wonder."
Well hey, I don't know where Floyd has been living. But I have most definitely encountered some interesting individuals who need a lot more than a blink of an eye for gender verification. In fact, I have seen people whose gender I have been unable to work out at all!!!
Where is Floyd? Or more importantly, where is Floyd's brain?
For your amusement, I quote more of Floyd's latest stuff:
"Unrepentant imperialist organizations must desist from racism and treating Africans (Black) as if they came to this earth through the back door or through an abnormal and non-existent labour process."
Where is the back door to this earth?
And does a Caesarean qualify as an abnormal and non-existent labour process, do you think? Cos that would generally be us white babies!

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  1. I think he writes his statements with a thesaurus next to him and just inserts as many big words as he can...