Monday, September 7, 2009

Brandon Huntley has one VERY upset wife.

Today was one of those days when I felt a bit robbed. I was supposed to cover the ongoing trial of the dorm matron accused of messing with young girls at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy. But alas - this was not to be. *sigh* I landed myself yet another stint on the newsdesk. Temporary news editor for a few hours, an illusion of authority to play with for a while, but nothing real or lasting.
My glum mood lifted however when my colleague The Brat arrived - totally cool black top today with boots covering her bejewelled toe nails - and told me about her midnight net surfing expedition that netted her a scoop of note. She managed to track down the Canadian woman who married Brandon Huntley. He's the white South African guy who has just been granted asylum in Canada on grounds that he had been had been attacked seven times by blacks who apparently just wanted to stab and bliksem him because of his race, and our government lacked the capacity and willingness to protect him from such savagery.
So apparently he first tried his luck at getting Canadian citizenship by marrying a Canadian woman. But then he realised it wasn't quite such a simple process as they monitor you closely for like three years, and it's all very difficult if the marriage is a sham.
I assume this is why he then opted for refugee status. So The Brat tracked down Mrs Huntley and spoke to her via facebook. It seems that this poor woman had been completely convinced that Brandon had married her for love. She was extremely upset to find out that this was simply not the case.
The oke is a schmuck!!!
Here is Mrs Huntley:


  1. Oh my gosh! Maybe being attacked in SA would have been the lesser of the two evils!

  2. Jozi,

    Well.. the information I was informed about, from people who lived in the complex where the Huntley's lived, was that Brandon was way up front with his wife, about the arranged marraige. It was a business arrangement, wifey was not under any illusions. Friends in the complex knew, was no secret.

    Of course, thats not as juicy for those who prefer to jump on the Hate Huntley for exposing the buttnaked Rainbow Emperors.... bandwagon...