Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mr President, hands off!

So imagine you are the leader of the ANC Youth League (even if you are not remotely a youth!). You are the face of the organisation, and extremely keen to support the president.
Your organisation decides to print some posters with your face on them. They need to put something on it. What slogan would you write?
Hats off to our president?
Hands off our president?
Or what about mixing it up a bit and, say, how about this ....

Seriously. This is the real deal, not made up I swear. My colleague The Brat picked this poster up earlier in the week when she went to the Equality Court to cover Julius Malema's hearing. It's stuck up in our newsroom.
Schweet like a lemon, hot like the sun!


  1. I hope no one takes that seriously. Whose hands are they going to take off?

  2. Holy crap... so we needn't worry about our youth then, eh?

  3. I think we have many, many things to worry about. And interpreting the obscure meaning of slogans on ANC Youth League posters is simply the beginning....

  4. You have to laugh. Or you'll cry.

    Wonder if that poster woodwork?

  5. THAT guy scares me. Actually nogal the whole youth league but that guy...he really really scares me