Friday, September 25, 2009

The style of unpublishable band names.

Friday - the day between a public holiday and a weekend - is bound to be slow in terms of breaking news because there is almost nobody around with most thinking people taking the day off and only sorry souls like myself going into work.
There was not much on the go in terms of breaking news - other than following up on yesterday's plane crash into a school field in Durban. Unbelievable luck that it happened on a public holiday.
Then our boss of newspaper style sent out a new advisory. Last week's announcement was that our newspaper group would use "lemon grass" as the standardised policy for lemongrass across all titles. This caused a storm amongst sub-editors with public discussions across the company e-mail and much complaints that most restaurants and even Woolworths refered to the plant as lemongrass rather than the split word.
This week's announcement? The proliferation of Afrikaans rock bands with unprintable rock names was continuing. Fokofpolisiekar (fuckoffpolicecar) was now joined by vanfokkingtasties (fanfuckingtastic), and apparently both band names have slipped beneath the radar and made it into print without being censored. Even 5fm has apparently taken to bleeping out fantastic's name and referring to the other simply as polisiekar.
So, as from today, our new style in print for these renegade band names will be: vanf***ingtasties and f**ofpolisiekar. Good to know.
Got my curiosity roused. So check out these bad boys! I think they do indeed look fantastic!

Happy weekend everybody!

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  1. I do like fokofpolisiekar... their music's pretty good, I half feel bad that they deliberately chose a name that kept them off main-stream radio for so long.
    So what does "lemon grass" look like?