Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Battling through the day...

One day before a public holiday - the day was endless.
I battled unsuccessfully to track down a story about two pitbulls that savaged a teenage girl last week. The dogs, I was told, had been removed from their owner by the police and taken to the SPCA. So I called a few branches of the SPCA and a number of policemen, but failed completely in my efforts to find out where the dogs were or what had happened to them.
Then there was an armed robbery at a small shopping centre near Fourways. Yes - yet another hit on a shopping centre in the middle of the day. The cops managed to corner the three guys - shot one dead while the second escaped. The third was either terrified of the shoot-to-kill attitude of the cops and thought he would stay ahead of the game or else he was as depressed by the latest crime stats as the rest of us and so he promptly shot himself dead.
Another day in gangster's paradise.
My colleague The Brat was also battling through the day. She sent me an e-mail entitled "Bored at KFC".
Here you go:

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  1. Clearly someone spent way too much time at KFC...
    As for the criminals, I will never understand how they think.