Monday, October 12, 2009

Drama, drama, drama.

Aaargh! Mondays have to rate overall as the worst day of the week. They are at least twice as long as any other day, and take ten times as much energy to get through.
Today is a case in point. Nothing much was happening on the breaking news front, so I got assigned to follow up the latest incident again bringing to the fore our government’s stance on cops being allowed to shoot dead anyone who so much as looks a little bit bad.
Yesterday our men in blue apparently fired 72 bullets through a 1300 Toyota Conquest. Only it turned out not to be the hijacked car they were chasing. The accidentally nailed an air force pilot who was out and about with three mates. Apparently this was an honest mistake – they had genuinely been tailing a hijacked car that only had a different number plate, different mags and the rear window shot out of it. The tragedy was that they killed an innocent woman, shot her friend in the head and shot another guy through the spine and possibly paralysed him. The pilot driver escaped unscathed.
I tried for ages to track down the pilot without success. So had to transcribe an interview a local radio station got with him. But this was not the correct interview, so I was sent to listen to another radio interview the distraught pilot did with a talkshow host instead. And go much the same information.
All very tragic and sad.
Then off to the new health bar in the canteen for some non-lethal lunch. That was the highlight of the day.
I cannot believe that the Feather Awards, the gay community’s new honour to be bestowed upon icons of South African society, has withdrawn the nomination of ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema in the Drama Queen category.
Apparently Julius was said to have been a little uptight about this and not-so honoured, so his name was withdrawn in order to avoid him throwing hissy fit.
What a pity.
He would have had it in the bag!!


  1. I wonder why the people who were shot didn't stop when they were ordered to do so. Were they scared that they weren't real cops or maybe just scared of the cops!

  2. They actually weren't running away. And the cops only gave them a few seconds between a flash of blue light and then gun shots so they didn't really have a chance, hey.

  3. Julius would have been perfect for the award!
    I am constantly flabbergasted by our police force's incompetence and stupidity...