Monday, February 22, 2010

The state of our province...

Boom, boom, rah, rah!
This morning was our Premier Nomvula Mokonyane's time to shine. Her moment of glory as she delivered the State of the Province Address, laying out all the progress made during her last eight months in office.
It started out with a stack of streets being blocked off for the event. It caused unbelievable mayhem in the streets for hours on end. There was road rage aplenty as motorists stood still in gridlocks around the Provincial Legislature building. Traffic officers, obviously fearing for their lives, took to standing on pavements instead of in the streets, waving their arms frantically as they were ignored by taxi drivers and the like.
Fortunately my office is walking distance from the Legislature building, so I got there ahead of time with no parking worries or anything like that, ready for the pomp and ceremony.
But it was a challenging assignment indeed. I am completely confused by the dress code. This event was taking place in Africa, in summer, in the midday heat. Yet everyone looked like they were dressed for an evening function, in Europe in winter. There were brocade jackets, shiny fabrics and sequins in abundance. Women sporting wigs and hair pieces as well as glorious hats had on stockings and heels so high they made your eyes water to look at them.
Now cram this warmly dressed crowd into a small space, and the sweat is bound to be a-flowing. Yes indeedio. Flow and flow.
The police band (all dressed for winter) played their hearts out in the sun. The guests were herded together into their seats.
Nomvula, nattily attired in a warm gold long-sleeved ensemble eventually gave her address.
But unfortunately for her, the event was overshadowed by the ANC Youth League's Julius Malema who held a press conference apparently to say all the media reports about his apparent huge wealth were obviously obtained by journalists who sleep with their sources. As my colleague stated: my, how lucky are we?!
Of course Sweet Julius still gave absolutely no explanation as how his houses, cars, designer clothes and R250 000 watch were paid for!


  1. I wonder if we'll ever find out where Malema's money comes from.
    As for the clothing and the wigs- black South Africans LURV the heat!!

  2. Its a funny old world isn't it! Thanks for sharing this special African moment with us. Thank goodness we didn't have to dress up for it! :)