Monday, February 15, 2010

Power puzzles.

I cannot say I have ever had quite so much of a puzzling time as I did today.
The challenge: readers called in from a couple of different areas reporting power outages in their areas. They had been unsuccessful in their efforts to find out the cause or how long it would be before their electricity would come back on. An inconvenience to say the least.
The first attempt to find out what was going on: I called the spokesman for City Power. His landline went unanswered. His cellphone rang for ages before cutting out dead. No voicemail facility to even leave a message.
So I called another big boss at City Power, and it was the same story.
Second effort: I called the Joburg Connect call centre. A recorded message - no date or time given - stated that the city was currently experiencing power supply problems in the city centre, the eastern suburbs, Randburg and surrounds and Roodepoort and surrounds. Technicians were working on this and the problems would be resolved as soon as possible. Ooookay!
If I am not mistaken, that would leave pretty much Soweto, southern suburbs and East Rand as the only places with lights.
Third effort: I called a spokesman for the city and he did not answer his phone. I phoned another spokesman and he offered me only his sympathies. He has been trying for DAYS to get hold of the City Power guys to find out the lowdown on what's happening around Jozi, and has been a unsuccessful as I was. He in fact tried the MD and the MD's PA as well with no joy.
Fourth attempt: We sent reporters out to various areas to find people without power. But it seemed that things were fine. We couldn't find anyone battling along with no electricity. And no traffic nightmares due to robots going down. At least not more than usual.
And still the Joburg Connect call centre continued to deliver the same recorded message. And the spokespeople remained uncontactable.
Puzzling indeed....

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  1. Well, yesterday most of Midrand was out of power from very early Sunday morning until well after 5pm!