Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Men and monsters

The world is a strange place indeed.
Today was supposed to see the start of the Brett Kebble murder tiral. Yip, the mining magnate who was shot dead in his car in what was apparently an assisted suicide plot.
So while the matter was basically postponed for another half-a-year, all the key players in the story were at court. So that's how we got to mingle and hang out with them. It's the strangest thing.
There we had the murder accused himself - Glenn Agliotti, a large Italian guy who must have spent a significant amount in the tan can ahead of the trial judging by his brightish orangish complexion. Or else he has been violating his bail conditions and hanging out in the Bahamas or some-such sunblessed spot cos it could not have happened in Joburg during our month-long rain episode. He is a self-confessed druglord and one very, extremely rich guy.He is extremely pleasant, friendly and does not look how one would expect a person to look when they are in the dock facing a murder trial. He jokes a lot and shares intimate details of his life, such as the fact that in the three years he has spent under house arrest he has developed piles. Talk serious overshare! When asked for a comment by RadioChick he leaned into her microphone and whispered "I love you, babe", leaving her gasping "What the heck am I supposed to do with that soundbyte?"
And then there were the actual hitmen. The guys who pull off murders for money and have been given immunity for prosecution in exchange for their evidence against Agliotti. A surly bunch of burly boys indeed.
There we had Mickey Schultz, a bad boy who once ran with the Hells Angels and was boss man of the Elite Bouncer mob. He has a face like an angel and is now a boxer. He has said that the gun jammed the first time he tried to shoot Kebble. But he apparently had it in him to keep on trying, and shot the guy dead. He wore a suit that covered all his tattoos and smiled politely.
Then there was Nigel McGurk. A tall ex-bouncer who wore a white shirt and pristine white tie. A lawyer led him into the courtroom before the proceedings started and pointed out the witness box, the dock and other points in the courtroom. It was surprising as I know McGurk is no stranger to court. A few years back he was implicated in the death of Patrick Caetano who was stabbed to death with a butchers knife outside the Blueberry Grill.
Charming people indeed.
So there you have it. The human side of the type of a few characters you would imagine should all be locked away from civil society.


  1. Strange indeed how human people like that can seem. That you wouldn't bat an eyelid when you see them in the street.

  2. What goes around comes around. If you live by the gun, you die by the gun - as the saying goes. All psychopaths seem to be perfectly normal people. Yuck!

  3. That's what astounds me, momcat!! The worst criminals I have ever encountered seem so incredibly sweet and normal. The psychopathic killer has his wife's name tattooed on his chest, and feels extreme pain when his own child is sick or suffering.

  4. He is my cousin and I still have contact with him killer he may be but family man he is and always will be