Thursday, February 4, 2010

The zoo in Zuma

Another day, but more of the same continued chirping about Zuma, his wives, his mistresses, his friends and their daughters and his growing brood of children.
It seems that Zuma and his latest love child are the topic of the day and it's not likely to change for a while. I guess that's what happens when you, the president of a country, sleep around outside the marital bed or beds as the case may be. And get your mate's daughter pregnant.
And so the debate has turned to other things - such as the raising of children in polygamous households, the fathers who have jobs like running a country and their responsibilities to all their 20 offspring, and how we can possibly believe that our president believes in gender equality. I for one would love to know what he would think of a woman who took several husbands and then had a child outside of her marriages.
Plus all the brouhaha after he admitted to having fathered the baby and paid damages as dictacted by his culture. I was gobsmacked to hear that he was blaming the media coverage as "harsh" and "unfair", as by his own admission the information reported on was the truth. Any harshness or unfairness, it would seem, is purely from his own actions.
And then, get this for the kicker, he asked "I would request that the dignity and privacy of the affected individuals in this matter be respected."
Seriously! I fail to see what dignity we are asked to respect.
It's all become a bit tiresome. Zuma himself is so exhausted by it all that his office announced today that he will be taking two days off after a "hectic week".
I am wondering if his wives are going to lovingly welcome him into the home and pander to his every need while he rests, or if they are more likely to punch his lights out.
I know what I would be doing if he was my husband.


  1. Maybe the wives are well compensated monetarily for their compliance and agreement. I watched a documentary of some old African guy who has about 14 wives and 94 kids. The upside I can see here is that each wife only has to spend a week with the old codger every 14 weeks!

  2. The man is a joke. His attitudes and opinions are laughable.