Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baba, some dignity please!!

For two days solid now our newsroom has been abuzz with banter. It seems, like just about everyone else in South Africa, my colleagues all have strong opinions on the recent discovery that our first citizen, President Jacob Zuma, has fathered his 20th child. With a woman who is not one of his five wives, nor one of the two wives-in-waiting who he has paid lobola for. Ah yes, she is instead the daughter of his mate Ivan Khoza the soccer boss.
There were sentiments of outrage: "I don't care, people can call me Pan Africanist if they want, but honestly, Zuma is a total disgrace".
Then jokes: "So can you imagine Zuma enjoying a social visit with Ivan Khoza, and then leaning over and saying 'my, but you have a beautiful baby granddaughter'?"
Disgust: "How the hell can a person visit his friends and see their baby daughters in nappies with snotty noses, only to wait a few years and then find those little girls sexually attractive?"
More outrage: "If you consider that the woman who accused him of rape was his best friend's daughter, he has a habit of sleeping with his friends' kids".
Some understanding: "At least he is proud to wear leopard skins and jump around and roll on the ground and is proud of his Zulu culture."
More jokes: "Hey, if he wants four better, four worse, four richer and four poorer he still has a way to go".
Ai yai yai.
The timing is soooo bad. It all comes after Zuma appealed to the international community to view his polygamy as African culture and not judge it as inferior to the western norm of monogamy. And as government tries to launch its 'One Love' campaign to encourage safe sex and Aids education.
Seems our man JZ is a bit of a joke.
Almost like having a Minister of State Security finding out that his wife is involved in an international drug smuggling ring.
Oh ja, that happened too.
What is happening to our nation's dignity?

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  1. SURPRISE!!!!

    Oh, wait0 its not.

    I think he's a twat and a terrible role model. Culture my arse.