Monday, February 8, 2010

Another day of the Jacob Zuma love child saga. And all the academic debate around polygamy, culture and all that. Loads of jokes about our "father of the nation", the "spear of the nation" and Zuma's version of Thabo Mbeki's "I have a dream" speech being "I have a big wet dream".
Was he sincere when he apologised to the country for his embarrassing behaviour? Considering that it came a week after his love child was made public I think it was spurred more by a painful prodding from the leading party than a place of genuine sincerity.
I don't understand why there was not more of an outcry from the country when Zuma was tried for rape. I don't understand why he was able to disband the Scorpions, go on to be sworn in as president of the country and then scupper the corruption case against himself. I find it unspeakable that he condoned the unfair paroling of his best mate from prison.
And now one four-month-old baby girl born out of wedlock - hardly an event of significant political importance one would think - and the country is screaming.
I just don't get it!!
Now - imagine if there were more love children out there? And imagine if it was made public?

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  1. You've hit the nail squarely on the head! The man is a rapist and a crook, yet they ignore all that and focus on his philandering!