Monday, March 1, 2010

The girl with a lot of tattoos

A young woman was supposed to be sentenced today for stealing R1.3-million from the legal firm she worked for.
Nicole Romy de Villiers was arrested a year ago along with her husband and father-in-law, and the three were accused of being part of an organised crime family. It was a strange situation in that it looked like the woman - the youngest - was the kingpin running the show.
But since then the State realised that the father-in-law and distraught husband had absolutely nothing to do with it and they have been released. In fact they were asked to come back to court today to testify that they are good people who will happily take the little four-year-old daughter and two-year-old son back into their home when Nicole gets sent to prison. At least that's what they are hoping for.
Yes - she has pleaded guilty admitted to having taken the money. But she's still trying to shift the blame by saying that her husband and father-in-law actually made her do it.
And it seems that she has got a whole lot of people believing her story. The parole officer from social services asked for correctional supervision and house arrest as the punishment. The social worker - a sweet, older lady who seemed to be testifying for the first time ever and kept referring to Nicole as "the defendant" instead of "the accused" - was adamant that no young mother should ever be sent to prison. In fact she kept saying that Nicole had not benefited at all from her crimes apart from maybe having an elevated lifestyle. Well helloooooo - what is one supposed to do with a whole bunch of money?
Then the Rabbi testified to say that Nicole was remorseful for sure, and in fact he thought she was put up to the whole theft thing.
I am wondering if these people who are so keen to keep her out of the slammer have done her more harm than good. Because if the State can prove that she acted alone, then she has quite plainly hoodwinked everyone near and dear to her - including her therapist - and there is no doubt that she is still lying and shifting the blame.
Ah well - a postponement means we will have to wait almost two months to find out....


  1. Oy... well, if she's guilty then I hope they make the right decision and send her to jail.

  2. Poor little children, caught up in the middle of this, not understanding where there mommy has gone. They're the victims here. I'm inclined to think the husband probably has had a lot to do with all this. Has he not been benefiting from the lifestyle. How can he proclaim innocence. How does a young mom with babies to look after get involved in a scam like this. There's a story behind this story, for sure!

  3. So once you have children, you are incapable of committing a crime? I am inclined to think that you are looking for a story here. I wonder how many female prisoners have children? I am sure the majority. Perhaps all female prisons should be closed!

  4. I think that it's just a case of an extremely manipulative woman using everything in her power to avoid jailtime. Playing the baby card! The Magistrate doesn't seem too sympathetic and doesn't see why white collar crime should be viewed any differently to violent crime, so I think she has a battle on her hands.

  5. As you so consistently point out, you are a single mother and a Journalist. Clearly you have not interviewed Nicole before writing on this blog and as a Journalist; surely you must have a duty to provide an unbiased report of the true circumstances of this case?
    Here is a challenge, meet with Nicole, you might find that the woman that you so easily condemn as being manipulative and so deserving of time in prison, may be someone who is just like you. A loving, caring mother.

  6. What ever happened to the rest of this story. Like a news black out??

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