Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Zuma has lunch with the queen.

So our president didn't make too much of a good impression in London today.
It seems the British press were less than impressed with our JZ. According to the Mail Online: "Jacob Zuma is a sex-obsessed bigot with four wives and 35 children. So why is Britain fawning over this vile buffoon?"
The Daily Mirror described him as a "sex slave like Tiger Woods" and referred to him as a "goat-herder that caused outrage by fathering a child with a pal’s daughter."
The Guardian was perhaps the kindest, describing him as exuberant with a "colourful CV".
But still, he got to have lunch with the queen. And also ask the Brits to please stop imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe.
Now that I totally fail to understand!


  1. I suppose they should count themselves lucky he didn't turn up in traditional garb!

  2. I read a couple of the articles about him in the British press. Its a pity the British monarchy seem oblivious.