Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A grey day for the guy who hired the getaway car. And his mates.

This morning's armed robbery story was one of the more bizarre I have had to cover in my time as a crime reporter.
While the robbery itself was pretty much a garden variety hit on a garage shop, the outcome was somewhat different from the usual.
It was just after 2am this morning when seven armed men held up staff at the Engen garage on Allandale Road. The cops caught wind of it and a helicopter roaming the area was there in a flash.
Robbers scattered and took pot shots at the chopper. Chopper crew shot back and nailed Suspect Number 1 in the leg.
Grounds crews joined the chase and followed the fleeing robbers in their white Toyota Yaris. Suspect Number 2 jumped out and decided to take his chances on foot. Bad choice it was as he got cornered between some houses near Rabie Ridge and also got popped in the leg. He was arrested and found to be carrying two stolen boxes full of money.
The cunning cops meanwhile ran the fugitive vehicle's registration number through their computer system and discovered that it was a rented car. So detectives headed out to the establishment early this morning to make enquiries as to who had rented this car and all the rest. While they were there Suspect Number 3 arrived to politely return the car, and got arrested on the spot.
Damn! Can you believe that? I couldn't, so I called the chief cop spokesperson on duty to check that I had my facts straight.
"Yes. That's what he did. We couldn't believe it either. Maybe the guy was just trying to be honest," he told me.
"So what's your message to the four other guys out there who are still on the run?" I enquired.
"They must know that we will place our feet squarely on their backs," he said.
He seriously talks like that! I am just so disappointed that we weren't there to get pictures.


  1. Mwaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaa... He returned the car!!!

  2. Shame! What a responsible citizen! And that cop is a scream. Wonder who writes his lines for him?

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