Monday, April 12, 2010

Beetfroot, binny kigs and balancing it all out.

Being back at work today was tough.
I took some days off to rest and spent them at home. Going nowhere. I was feeling quite wrung out after one helluva hectic start start to the year and felt the need for a bit of time out from the big, bad world out there. And it was quite heavenly indeed. Unfortunately starting with a cold that saw cold sores battle their way up my nose, but then turning into gentle days filled with enough time to tidy my cupboards, get my car serviced, shop for a new bed throw and all the stuff I have been wanting to do for ages but just never got the chance.
And of course loads of time to bond and play and cuddle with my Little One. My just-turned-five-years old daughter who is the sunshine of my life. The little soul who loves big, long words yet still calls a feather a thedder, refers to beetroot as beetfroot and just simply cannot pronounce "guinea pig". They are called "binny kigs" in our house, in just the same firm way as Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" hit has been renamed "Bedroom Ants".
But it all came to an end today when I had to go back to work and put my partly-healed nose back to the grindstone. First task - get a grip on what's happening with the municipal strike and find out that Pikitup most definitely is not collecting rubbish today. Second job: get to the Joburg High Court to cover Judge Joffe's ruling on whether or not our former police chief has succeeded in getting his case thrown out of court or if he has a case to answer to.
He does. It all continues on Thursday.
And all the while I spend running after the breaking news of the day, I miss that little girl who giggles when tickled, is perplexed by the fact that Lady Gaga doesn't wear long pants or skirts over her brookies and who breaks out in the brightest, happiest smile when I arrive back home.

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  1. Aaaww... she sounds like a sweetheart!