Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The bogus profit and bogus prophet

Another day at the Joburg High Court. All day long on a hard wooden bench. Yes, it is sometimes fun to watch prosecutor Gerrie Nel going at corruption accused Jackie Selebi like a Rottweiller, but even that loses its appeal after a few hours solid.
Today's highlight was Selebi admitting that he used his power as national police commissioner to declassify a secret police document just so that he could show it to his druglord mate Agliotti.
I suppose Selebi set the standard hey.
I found an amusing press release from one Captain Mnayadza Ralidzhivha (one of those moments where you give thanks that you are not a radio reporter because I would have some difficulty pronouncing his name). Captain Ralidzhivha is alarmed and wants to warn the Tembisa against a bogus prophet.
Apparently the bogus prophet targeted a 19-year-old woman in Esdangweni section by approaching her in the street, asking if she knew where he could find a salon.
Now I quote directly: "The whom she was walking with started to prophet the unknown. He told him of his secrets. He started also to prophet her. He also told her her secrets".
Scary stuff indeed.
And then the cunning prophet told the poor girl to put down her handbag and all her belongings and continue "to walk past 10 poles of electricity" without looking to the back or side. At the 10th pole she could then turn around and come back.
Surprisingly (or maybe not) when she got to the 10th pole of electricity and turned around, the prophet was gone. And so was all her stuff.
So let that be a warning to you people out there who let strangers pull psychic stunts on you. Or, as Captain Ralidzhivha puts it so unsuccinctly: "Never allow anybody to pray for you on the street. You know where to get the real prophet are than to meet an unknown people who will start to tell you stories. They know that there is nobody who does not have problems."