Monday, March 15, 2010

Deeds indeed.

Hectic day, what with the taxi strike, service delivery protests and sweet Julius being found guilty of hate speech. All very busy indeed.
In amongst it all my colleague Ballerina and I took a walk across to the wrong side of town to go and locate the title deed of a property belonging to a prominent person for a scoop that shall hopefully come to be in the near future.
First discovery: the deeds office has moved to the other side of town. In an even more dodgy area. So off we stepped, sweating in the sun, eventually managing to locate the new office.
What a flipping drama! We had to supply a friendly woman at the door with the erf number of the property we wanted to know about. She checked it out on the computer, asked if the owner listed to it was who we were tracking and then handed us a form and told us to take it to another woman seated behind a counter with two chairs in front of it.
SecondWoman indicated to us to sit down and wait as she sat there and made a couple of phone calls. Then she tapped a bit on the computer while Ballerina and I surveyed the surroundings only for her to spot a passport lying on the floor at my feet. I picked it up and handed it to SecondWoman who immediately clicked her tongue and disappeared with it.
We waited. And waited. And then she came back, tapped a bit more and handed us a piece of paper to take to ThirdWoman who we would have to pay R36.
We did this and duly got sent back to a bank of chairs to wait to be summoned again by SecondWoman. It took a very long while.
But suddenly we got the document.
Another long walk back to the office in the midday heat and it was all over.
What a mission!!

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  1. And they don't tell you what they're doing while they're doing it or how long anything is going to take!