Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A stabbing, a hacking and the tooth fairy comes to visit.

Another day, another murder. I was busy writing about yet another day of power cuts in the city when an anonymous caller phoned to say that there was a body in the Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet two blocks away from our office.
Since everybody else was busy with matric stories in anticipation of tomorrow's big reveal of the final matric results, I was the not-so-fortunate soul who landed the task of checking it all out.
So I hooked up with the photographer fondly referred to by the newsroom as BinLaden, and headed off to find the alleged body lying in the KFC. It was lunchtime and the place was pumping, Streetwise Two's and Snack Boxes galore, but no corpse to speak off.
We continued walking a bit further and two blocks down the drag we encountered the gory scene. A guy who had been selling smileys (braaied sheeps' heads) at the taxi rank had apparently annoyed another guy. Who then chased him with a knife, slashed him across the face and then stabbed him in the chest. Killing him. There in the open street. At lunch time.
It was a nauseating scene. Crowds gathered as the police took close-up pictures of the wounds, shifting the body and causing more blood to run. A metallic taste pervaded my mouth. I still feel a bit sick.
So now this afternoon, after spending time with my Little One I feel a little more cheery. I am determined to remain focussed on all the brilliant things that happened on the few days I had off over Christmas.It was a time of blessed events, milestones and new discoveries.
A first: Four year-old Little One took advantage of a bit of quiet time alone, access to a small pair of scissors and hacked off a good chunk of the fringe she hates so much.

Discovery: My local Spar gives away free pieces of dry wors to all customers, kids included, on Christmas Eve.
Another discovery: If your kid eats a Ben 10 icecream AND a piece of dry wors and then goes swimming with you, you can expect a sudden episode of projectile vomiting in the pool. It takes the mother absolute ages to swim around the pool and collect all the puke fallout with a sieve so that the pool can be clear, sparkly and chunk-free on Christmas Day.
A milestone: Little One developed a wobbly tooth just before Christmas. It has since fallen out, and she is beyond proud.

Roll on the happy days!!


  1. Who knew four year olds could be so proactive. Beware of those scissors!

  2. The scissors have been taken away. And a warning given that no sharp objects are allowed to go near the hair EVER again unless they are wielded by a grown-up.

  3. Hang on to the happy memories indeed. I dunno if I could do what you do.