Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh dear, oh dear.

This year has kicked off fast.
While much of the world enjoys their last few days of holiday, it's back to the routine crime and disaster checks for intrepid reporters on the beat! As usual, there's much in the way of depressing stuff to keep us busy.
Like today - the emergency services, police divers and all the rest were called out to a river in Ivory Park where they launched another big search for a suspected drowning victim. They had no idea who it was they were looking for, it was all just based on a report given in by three women last night who claimed to have seen a man struggling in reeds on the bank of the Kaal River, and they thought he may have been washed away.
Next disaster to follow: a woman who was taken in for questioning by police apparently got so stressed that she collapsed and died.
I didn't quite believe this one, but it does indeed seem that the poor woman had been minding her own business, sitting on the grass under a tree drinking orange juice when a guy got mugged nearby. The attackers apparently got away, but the victim pointed out poor innocent woman as a witness.
And so she got taken in for questioning. She claimed she had been in her own world when the whole mugging story happened and, since she didn't know any of the attackers nor could she recognise them, she was unable to offer any useful information.
But this was not satisfying for our dutiful cops who are so hard-pressed to catch the bad guys that they continued with their questions and stressed her out a bit more. To the point where she literally dropped dead.
I called the cops for their side of the story and have been given all kinds of promises that bunches of people are investigating and all kinds of bosses are asking all manner of probing questions to get to the bottom of what happened to the poor witness.
All very tragic indeed.

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