Monday, July 27, 2009

Tunnel fire, strikers and court.

Another insane day in Jozi.
First up: an underground fire in one of those tunnels snaking underneath the city caused a blackout of epic proportions as a bunch of electricity cables got incinerated in the blaze. So this meant chaos for morning traffic in the city, as an estimated 40 street blocks were blacked oout and no robots worked.
What was the cause? Was it once again enterprising copper thieves?
City Power guy said he could not yet answer as the underground tunnels were like a pizza oven, so nobody was going to be entering to have a look and see for as long as it took to cool them down - and firefighters working through the night had not yet even managed to put the fire out.
So what's the damage and for how long will we be plunged into darkness and chaos?
Once again - how long is a piece of string? Short answer: "Days".
And then the second wave hit in the form of a municipal strike. Promises of peace and order turned out to be wishful images as protestors chucked over dustbins and caused a bit of mayhem.
Then my colleague The Brat and I hit the street, heading off to the Joburg High Court on foot for the court appearance of one self-confessed drug smuggler Glenn Agliotti, accused of masterminding the "assisted suicide" of murdered mining magnate Brett Kebble.
We weaved our way through cars and pedestrians before, thank the heavens, the power-outed area ended a block before the court. This did nothing to dampen the attention The Brat was receiving in her boots, mini skirt, newly-cut fringe dangling over giant sunglasses. "Hey, are you Swagger? Do you know Swagger?" yelled one guy, followed by another who asked if he could take her photo for his style blog.
Undaunted, we got through security and into the building and caught a lift after a surprisingly short wait considering that the elevators, while terribly dodgy, have to be used by everybody as wooden planks blocked the stairways for some odd reason. The trip skywards was an exercise in eating bad breath!
And all for a postponement!
I missioned home through traffic chaos.
Tomorrow is probably going to be much of the same.
Wooo hooooooo!
I can't wait! Ja, right....


  1. Heya. I know of a big story about to go down in the courts on Friday that might interest you. Mail me at!

  2. I also wanna be stopped because people wanna photograph me!!!