Thursday, July 9, 2009

Surreal surprise

Sometimes the stories I come across are completely surreal!
Like this one from a place called Piet Retief filed by a small news agency.
It started off with a service delivery protest against the local town municipality. And as is the way with small protests, it got out of hand and two guys got accidentally killed.
So a funeral was held for them at the local stadium. This too went a bit pear-shaped when a young gent arrived in his bakkie and proceeded to spin wheelies. As one does at funerals of course. Then during his joy ride he lost control of his miniature lorry and it slammed into a 70-year-old woman and killed her. Her friend got her legs crushed.
People in the town were a little miffed when the case got thrown out due to lack of evidence when it went to court this week. Apparently they had smacked the young driver around and then handed him over to the cops instead of calling the cops out to the scene to gather evidence and eyewitness accounts. Big problem.
So the alleged joyriding killer walks free. Would it surprise you to hear that his name is ....
Truly truly.
Surprise Mkhatshwa.
The somewhat volatile Piet Retief community members are now really annoyed with the police and the courts. They are threatening to "take serious steps against them".
I am glad I do not live there. Jozi is a veritable retirement village in comparison.

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