Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not-so high fashion

So I have been thinking.
Imagine Paris Hilton and Elton John were to produce a love child... Eeeeew. This is a disturbing image.
Ok, so let's confine this discussion to laboratories, petrie dishes and test tubes. If one were to merge genetic material from Paris and Elton, and create a fashion-crazy daughter, I am convinced that this little soul would have the exact same dress sense as my four-year-old daughter, Little One.
When we go out, I look at other little girls and wonder how their mom's managed to get them dressed in such co-ordinated ensembles. Since Little One turned three she has bee hellbent on dressing herself. And while I am no fashionista, I would say her style could best be described as Paris Hilton on crack.
We are talking bright, bold colours. Layers, patterns, stripes and dots - the more eccentric the mix, the better. Skirts over leggings, frills, socks with sandals, plastic jewellery ... get my drift? Such is her choice of attire, round the clock.
At bed time - I give you Bob the Builder pyjamas, Tinkerbell slippers and a plastic silver crown.
The accessories are bold and creative with an in-your-face twist of defiance. A stretchy alice band thingie worn low over the brow so as to give the thick-browed appearance of one with serious intellectual challenges; a fairy pillow case pinned round the neck and allowed to hang down her back like a super hero cape or brookies over trousers as inspired by one Superman.
I am a laid back mom and tend to let her do her own thing. So she does. Like everywhere we go.
Here you see her checking out kangaroos while we were holidaying in Australia. The fairy wings were totally not my idea...
She is going to be an interesing teenager!

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