Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Step one on the road to walking...

So today my little friend Courtney got measured for her callipers. She is the plucky little 9 year old kiddie I wrote about a while back. She was left paralysed by a gun shot wound she suffered before she was born - her mom was shot in belly while 7 months pregnant.
Poor little Courtney has never learnt to walk but she can now get callipers and crutches thanks to bunches of people who donated money to her trust fund.
So this morning the guy who is going to make these miracle contraptions made plaster cast moulds of her legs and body. Step one to getting the actual ones made. Yay!
I was there as she giggled and chatted while he put stockings on her skinny legs and wrapped them in plaster. She got a bit more alarmed when he wrapped her in cling film and did the same to her body. Poor little poppet was scared because the last time she had a plaster cast on her following spine surgery somebody accidentally cut her while ripping it off.
But today was a happy day. She is on the road to eventually walking. Woo hooo!
She is a brilliant little girl who has faced down so many challenges. I stand in awe of her.
But then I come home and I grab my Little One and breathe a sigh of utter gratitude and deepest thanks.