Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Controlling Blairgowrie ... take 2!

Today has been one long and interesting continuation of yesterday. The poor residents of Blairgowrie woke to yet another day of disabled remote controls as the signal jamming continued.
Thousands of homes remained without the ability to do stuff at the flick of a switch.Yes, once again those poor folks had to resort to gymnastics to get their cars started, their garages and gates opened - having been advised to hold the remote control button as close to the receiving device as possible in the hopes that it will work after the 324th click. And heaven help those who had the need to activate their security alarms with those nifty little remote panic buttons.
For yet another day the technicians roamed the suburb in their little gizmo trucks armed with oscilliscopes and whatever technology it is that you use to measure rogue transmissions and frequencies and stuff. And still everyone was in the dark.
The lady at the electrics shop continued to make a killing selling new batteries for remote devices - people apparently still saw the need to change those batteries despite being informed by the suburb's booming businesswoman of the bizarre phenomenon hitting the area.
The biggest suspicion remained the smart boxes that the council has installed in Blairgowrie homes in their efforts to take control of people's geysers. These boxes apparently give them the power to turn the geysers on and off whenever they like, for a few hours each day, with the boxes working via remote control. Aha! But the council whizz kids went to people's houses and dismantled the boxes, ripped the batteries out and did whatever they could to make sure they were dead. Then they aimed their rifle-like measuring apparatus jobs at them and discovered that nothing had changed. Dead smart box - still no unjamming of jammed remote signals.
The Icasa guys were flummoxed, the council guys completely stumped and the residents left up in the air.
By late morning more bizarre stuff was being reported all over the show. Suddenly people were complaining that they had no hot water. Others reported that their smart boxes had spontaneously died. Others claimed that a little light on the boxes was flickering and they feared it was about to expire.
So now the rogue transmission was wreaking havoc with the smart boxes! The mystery deepened....
Nigerian crime syndicates? Extraterrestrial interference? Mind control experiments gone wrong? Hmmmmm..... The possibilities were numerous. I am a tad more cynical. I reckon it's probably some radio ham with limited knowledge and unlimited creativity gone rogue, a Telkom technician who has made one colossal stuff up somewhere (is there even one South African on the planet who doubts Telkom's immense potential to unintentionally cause a bit of mayhem for a few thousand people, I ask with tears in my navy blue eyes?) or some big company has flauted some communications bylaw or legislation and set up some kind of operation as they offer free internet connection to Julius Malema supporters or whatever.
I dunno hey. This story shall continue tomorrow no doubt.
And once again, Blairgowrie people head into a night of restless, fitful sleep...

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