Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

Busy day! Busy day!
Early this morning a bunch of bus owners and drivers who make their living ferrying foreigners backwards and forwards to countries around the continent made a monumental stand this morning by blocking off the entire Harrison Street bridge with their buses. So off I ran to cover the action and found a bunch of them arguing with Metro cops who were trying to convince them to move.
Turned out to be a protest against the closure of the cross-border bus terminus. Quickly cleared up, but I met a guy from Zim with a fab name: Two Minutes. Serious!
Back to the office and get tasked with finding out why people are mysteriously being turned away from the zoo. Brilliant! An escaped lion? Someone forgot to lock the snake enclosure? A polar bear on the loose? No such luck I'm afraid. Just a bunch of staffers striking illegally - most of them cashiers so they couldn't open up the ticket office or rent out buggies and stuff. Bit of a let down.
On to the next story. Turned out to be a beaut. Jeremy Mansfield of the Rude Awakening on Highveld Stereo has been telling strings of jokes about illegal Zimbabwean immigrants, all starring one Lovemore Sibanda and his brothers Tupperware and Eat-Sum-More. (I actually think Two Minutes tops those names!) So Highveld has been collecting the jokes to put on a CD called The Sibanda Files.
Then on the weekend a baby girl from a Bulawayo orphanage was brought to Jozi to undergo an operation to have a tumour removed from her chest. Her name is Nobuhle Sibanda. So a Rude Awakening executive decision was made that all proceeds from the sale of The Sibanda Files will go to cover baby Sibanda's medical costs.
How sweet is that? There might be a lot of horrible stuff happening in Joburg, but there are plenty of great things too! Much to love about this city.


  1. And then there is that guy called 'Godknows' who released that footage of the starving prisoners in Zim that made it on to Sky this morning.
    There was also an editor of government run The Herald in Harare whose name was Hatred Zenenga. Hmm...

  2. I do like your stories that show a little of the good side of people...