Friday, April 17, 2009

Breakthrough for Blairgowrie - take 4

Another manic, crazy day. Especially in Blairgowrie! Man alive - those poor people must be going nuts.
So late last night they came up with two scenarios that led up to the scrambling of radio waves in the area and therefore the jamming of all remote control buttons for gates, garage doors, alarm systems, cars and all that kind of thing. And then people's geysers stopped working and suspicions turned toward all the little smart boxes installed in Blairgowrie homes to allow Joburg council the power to turn geysers on and off to save electricity. Poor Blairgowrie residents have been the guinea pigs for this evil plan by the way, so those of you who live in Jozi and find the idea amusing or freaky - be warned. Smart boxes are not simply coming to a cinema near you - one is going to be impanted in your very house. But anyway - let's not borrow any future terrors.
So the wireless communication experts from Icasa have been patrolling the suburb in their gizmo mobiles decked with aerial box jobs that reach into the sky and pick up readings on all signals buzzing around on the airwaves. And - aha - just as was suspected, the signal jamming waves were tracked to: the not-so-smart boxes.
The Hefcom guys who manufactured these little control devices were called in and told to please just fix this problem very damn quickly. Oh no, they say. Tis not our fault. Somebody else out there is to blame. It is that dude who is putting out a signal for some or other reason, purposefully or not, which somehow scrambled the brains of the smart boxes, turning them stupid, and causing them to start "communicating". This apparently means that they started emanating their own signal/screaming silently, thereby causing masses of radio communication on the 433 MHz band (I know it sounds cool and like I really know my stuff, but I am just repeating the excuse as I understood it).
Anyway - the upshot is that Hefcom personalities are now making a mad dash around the entire Blairgowrie - only about 4000 houses, guys! - and upgrading the software on the smart boxes to make them stupid again. The upgraded software will apparently give them new powers to receive bogus signals, identify them as messages that should just be ignored and then hopefully not try and talk back.
The guys fixing the boxes reckon they can do this chop chop. Blairgowrie people who have been taking cold baths since Monday are not so optimistic. Time will tell.
But at least the mystery has been solved.
At long last.

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  1. Thank goodness they sorted it out! Its madness I tell you!