Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Taking stock...

Woeful Wednesday! Indeed today was a sobering time as we collated the impact of yesterday's mayhem and madness of the taxi strike.
The front page this morning carried a photograph of a bunch of marauding taxi drivers trying to intimidate a cafe owner. They were aggressively threatening him, and the picture caught, frozen in the air, a silver metal chair that had been hurled at him. My first assignment was to track this guy down.
So off I headed with PixDeskGuy to the little cafe in Newtown. And there we found the owner. The chair, it turns out, had hit him on the ankle and he now sported some ugly big red sores under his sock. He was shaken and unnerved, but pretty matter-of-fact about what happened and back to work as usual. Good attitude, I suppose, but it left me feeling a little sad that this is how some people have to live.
And then I received an e-mail from a guy who had witnessed one of the awful violent clashes that happened on the highway. He sent me pictures of it!
He had been driving behind Sam The Emergency Painter (I totally had NO idea that there were such things as emergency painters!!). Sam, he said, was transporting a bunch of gents who worked for him - which annoyed the taxi drivers. And so, like a pack of wild dogs, they turned on him and beat him up.
The incident was one of very, very many.
The total number of arrests yesterday?

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