Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bad Brad in cowboy shootout

Just after noon today I received a call from a panicked reader who said there had been a shooting outside his shop in Orange Grove. So BrilliantPhotographer and I high-tailed it out down the Louis Botha death bends and on to the scene of the crime.
And there I met former Big Brother housemate "Bad Brad" Wood. It seems that he had been driving through the area when all hell broke loose and so, being a bit of a cowboy, he joined in the fray.
According to the one cop on the scene who was prepared to speak about what was going on, three armed robbers tried to rob a supermarket at the very moment a patrolling police car came around on routine checks. One robber shot at them and hit a constable in the arm. The cops fired back and killed him. Then the second one tried to run away and got popped in the chest a block down the road and the third guy was arrested in the shop.
So who did Brad shoot?
"I'm not telling you guys if I hit anyone. The cops have taken my gun for ballistics," he said before rushing off to catch a flight to Cape Town for some big deal assignment.
And then the Official Police Spokesperson arrived - a large guy with spin tactics. He blabbed out the official version of what went down, good police work and all that.
"So how was Brad involved?" we journalists asked.
Turns out he had no idea at all.
So back at the office I called Brad and asked him for a bit of a fuller version. Turns out he arrived at the corner shop just as the shooting started, and had seen the cop get shot. So, being an ex-police reservist and all-round tough guy, he jumped in to help. After the first robber was shot, his mates holed up inside the supermarket. So Brad linked up with two other cops, blasted into the store and found the suspects hiding in the roof. Apparently Brad was a hero and went into the roof and flushed them out.
At least that's his version. The cops say they know nothing about it.
Somehow, I believe Brad.

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  1. Heh heh... the cops are supposed to be the heroes- not some white ex-reservist!!!