Thursday, September 30, 2010

PigSpotter and the Police In Gauteng.

So PigSpotter - the guy who has been causing a stir round the world with his efforts to alert Gauteng drivers to the presence of traffic cops - is hoping to get his lawyers to negotiate a sweet deal for him in the event that they intend to prosecute him.
If it is up to the Metro cops - PigSpotter will be well and truly roasted. They are really mad with him. Steaming, frothing mad. He has offended their delicate sensibilities by referring to them with all kinds of porky references.
PigSpotter has become something of a cult hero, tweeting away any sightings he has of police activity on our province's roads. Pigs, pork rashers, crackling, swine flu brewing in the bushes - you name it - he had the most delightfully creative turn of phrase.
And he got followers by the thousand - anxious drivers wanting to avoid the ever-increasing number of speed traps, road blocks and the like. Partygoers who might be over the limit, but wanting a safe route home; speed freaks looking to avoid bad surprises or whatever - they are following him madly on Twitter.
Then the cops went public with their disapproval, threatening to sue him for defamation. Their egos are bruised and they're man enough to admit it.
So PigSpotter backtracked a little and said his porky references were not meant to be hurtful. Just funny. I mean Pig is an obvious reference to Police In Gauteng!!
Too brilliant!
I am watching this unfolding saga with bated breath...


  1. I find the fact that they're so offended by the term "pig" rather funny since its not something new...
    But in all honesty, I don't agree with what PigSpotter is doing. The road blocks and speed traps and the like are there for a reason, to catch the people who break the law. If you don't break the law, and you're not a criminal, you have nothing to worry about. Yes, roadblocks are annoying, but they catch crooks and find stolen cars that way.

    Okay. My soapbox is going back under the bed now.

  2. Maybe the authorities should be worrying about the killer potholes which seem to be the new highway horror. I have heard that a few people were killed recently and by the same pothole in one case.