Thursday, September 16, 2010

Geraldine and an unfortunate storm in a teacup.

While I might be non-athletic (although I do have a fairly well-used gym contract) and sports does feature extremely low on my list of passions, I once again had to jump on a sports story today.
A rival newspaper hit the streets today with a big scoop about a retired sprinter having been injected with a "banned"  substance. By her team doctor. Two years ago - but hey, it's a doping scandal, right?
The story is all very juicy. The doctor who apparently gave the vials of banned substance was a controversial character from East Germany named Ekkart Arbeit. He once trained a woman called Heidi Krieger who was doped with so many anabolic steroids and stuff that she went on to have a sex change and changed her name to Andreas.

My job this morning was to pick up the story and find out what the people involved had to say about it.
It did not take long for me to realise that Actovegin, the supposed banned drug involved, is actually not banned. It is not listed by the World Anti Doping Agency, nor do our local guys have it listed as prohibited.
So - a bit of a storm in a tea cup. Coincidentally happening on the eve of Athletics South Africa's elections in which Geraldine has been nominated to the Athletes Council.
This scandal cannot be undone. I feel for her!

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  1. Sooo... someone "leaked" it so she wouldn't be able to get on the council?