Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back on the treadmill

My month-long holiday has been absolutely annihilated!
Three days of work and it feels as though I've been back in the trenches for months.
Approximately 10 seconds after reporting for my first day back at work I was sent running. Week three of the public service strike was in full swing and not about to slow down for me (who had been on another continent for the past four weeks) to catch up with the action.
Never mind the fact that my password had expired and the company had updated the computer system while I was away - I had to make a plan and file on the latest events immediately. A tad stressful but apparently doable - I managed to slam out a front page piece by 7.30am.
Then - no resting on any laurels - there was a gas explosion out in Devland (huh? where? - yeah, my reaction too!). Some guy in an 80-ton digger accidentally pierced a disused gas pipe under a factory and caused a leak that had emergency services closing the air space above, the highway alongside and trundling one poor woman off to hospital.
Day two: a bunch of striking teachers surrounded a primary school and tried to break in and cause havoc.
Day three: More strike stuff to report on. And South Africans stuck in Mozambique because rioters there were causing a ruckus over food, electricity and water prices.
I managed it all.
But I feel tired already.
Perhaps another holiday? Just wishing.


  1. If only we could take month long holidays whenever we felt the need...

  2. I think I would be on permanet holiday!