Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy day, just not a great lunch.

Today was one of those smoooth, happy days that passed me by and saw me home in a bubbling good spirits. Not ripped and hagard as is usually the case. Maybe it's hormonal, maybe it's this sudden onset of pleasingly warm and sunny weather, or maybe it's the rocking good news (to be divulged in this forum at some future time) I received on entering the office this morning at 6am. No matter - I am intent on continuing to breeze through my happy day.
The stories I worked on were not particularly riveting. I got hold of a flight crew member who survived the only ever hijacking of an SAA plane 37 years ago. Nice story. The apology the hijacker apparently posted to South Africans via facebook was not actually put out publicly, so Joppie the steward mailed it to me. And then I followed up on the teenage girl whose three-day disappearance stunt last week was said to be linked to her interactions with shady characters on MXit. Spoke to her dad who refused to tell me ANYTHING. Nothing, zip, zero - all because it would supposedly stuff up the police investigation. *sigh*
JJ: "But is she at least healthy? Is she happy? Can you say SOMETHING about her state of mind?"
Girl's dad: "No comment."
And I am not even a papparazzi!
Checked with the cops. Equally unsuccessful. "No developments to report, can't say anything, the case is sensitive."
So Irish Colleague and I took a stroll upstairs to find something edible for lunch.
"Something appetising" as she put it. Not happening today. We stared glumly over the oily offerings. Definitely nothing appetising. Not much that looked edible.
"What do you recommend?" I overheard a woman ask her friend as they surveyed the lumps of flesh and soggy vegetation on display.
"Suicide?" I chirped.
We left, stopped at the kiosk and I bought some popcorn.
I intend to maintain my happy state. No canteen shall bring me down.

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  1. Okay... at least my client's canteen is better than yours.
    Can't wait to heart what the news is!