Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Casterology = the science of running. And stuff.

So one would think people would be all Caster Semenya'd out by now. Apparently not!
Columnists have now started with their analysis and commentary on the whole gender-testing debacle that has the world wanting to know if our teenage bolt of lightning who pulled a gold at the the World Athletics Champs is indeed a girl. Who would have thought so much thought and debate would go into such a thing.
To my mind, it's strange that it wasn't all resolved long ago. I mean - it's been said that little Caster was pretty much used to being hauled off the race track to the toilets for quick inspections of her girly bits from time to time. If I personalise this scenario and imagine some person or persons marching my Little One off to the loo to pull her pants down, well... Let's just say I would be far from happy!
This poor young girl has returned home to a joyful welcoming - turned into an ANC rally, political posturing by the likes of Julius Malema, Leonard Chuene and Winnie Madikizela-Mandela not to mention a bit of racist allegations and a media bashing spree. It seems nobody will pass up the chance to use Caster's success for their own gain.
One reader sent in an e-mail pointing out that the holder of the women's 800m world title, Jarmila Kratochvilova, is something of a strange looking woman that we should focus on instead of Caster. I checked it out - Jarmila is a Czech runner who made the world record when she peaked in 1983 and is now 58, so I reckon she probably doesn't look like this anymore. But these are the pics he sent in. Eish:

So later in the day as more and more Caster stories rolled on in, my colleague The Brat wanted to know a bit more about the charming things dear Julius Malema had to say about whites and women at the airport yesterday.
"Apparently he reckons there were a helluva lot of ugly white women athletes at the World Champs and it wasn't fair because nobody wanted to test them. It was supposedly all dodgy and racist. Did he actually say that?"
My response: "Not over the public speaker system and most definitely not within my ear shot. If I heard that, I would have dropped the whole Caster angle and gone big on that for sure!".

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