Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another possible strike and correctional service.

So in the latest wave of strikes, Eskom workers are now threatening to embark on protest action if their salaries are not increased considerably. This seems to be a raging fashion and how each week starts. Same story, same old scenario, just a different bunch of workers saying we refuse to work anymore until you pay us more. And then they fight and negotiate. We've seen it with the municipal strike, the 2010 construction workers, doctors, emergency services, pharmaceutical workers... I lose count. Today I wrote about the possibilities of strike action that could see even more Eskom power outs than we already experience.Tomorrow we will hear whether or not it will go ahead.
And then an anonymous caller phoned in a tip-off that had me hairing off to the Roodepoort Magistrate's Court with Chief Photographer. Apparently our country's Top Detective was appearing in connection with a domestic violence charge. This was unbelievable stuff. We got there, I found him and discovered that it was actually Top Detective who was the applicant, and he was granted a protection order against his wife who had allegedly taken to abusing him. *sigh*
But the BEST development of the day just absolutely has to be the official response of the Department of Correctional Services to reports of Schabir Shaik having been spotted joyriding round Durbs with only his kid in the car, stopping even to buy balloons from a street vendor. It seems they don't believe they made any kind of error in releasing the fraudster from prison on grounds that he was in the end stages of terminal illness. He is entitled, they maintain, to leave his house on public holidays and "certain times" according to his parole conditions.
When it was pointed out to them that Schabir was driving around on his own without a doctor or nurse, in what seemed to be miraculously excellent health for one deemed soon to pop his clogs, they claimed:
"As a department, we cannot force one to die..."

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  1. No, I spose they can't force him. And since its not going to be investigated we have no idea what he's supposed to be "dying" of?
    I'd love to know who he has in his pcket.