Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two big fish caught!

It was early in the day when my cop connection called me with my first story. Some zealous detectives had caught two hijackers. Did I want to come down to Bramley police station with a shooter and get a picture of "these bastards" he asked. Well, now. Is a bean green?
So off I shot with Jeans-And-Tackies, my mate in photographic. I had to quickly finish off a news brief about parking issues at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium in Rustenburg during last night's Bafana Bafana victory match so she offered to hurry on down to the basement and sign out a car. Minutes later we were ready to leave.
"You see! They always give me this piece-of-shit Tazz. I don't understand why!" she said as she turned the key too far in the ignition, causing the engine to scream and splutter. The engines got a bit of a rev and we were on our way - crawling through peak hour traffic.
We arrived at Bramley cop shop where we found the inspector who had the whole lowdown on the two big fish they had just nabbed in Alexandra township. The first suspect, he said, was a wanted fugitive positively linked to 50 cases of house robbery and hijacking. The second guy was wanted for 30 cases of house robbery, muggings, smash-and-grabs, handbag snatchings and a few armed robberies. No hijackings. But he had a huge plasma TV in his house which they had seized after discovering that it had been stolen from a house up the road.
Then we followed the inspector to the holding cells.
Dodgy cop, leering: "Eish. You girls should not be in here. You are too beautiful for handcuffs."
Jeans-And-Tackies: "Hey, wena!"
Jozi Journo: eyes down, embarrassed simper.
Inspector hauls out a fabulously large shiny Samsung plasma TV and puts it down in front of us. Jeans-And-Tackies eyes him out as asks if he thinks this will make for a good photograph. He tells her no, but only one of his suspects is currently in lockdown. We have to wait for the second guy as he is busy in the toilet.
We a wait a little and then the armed cops line them up for us, backs to the camera as we can't identify them til they have appeared in court. Inspector smacks the one and yells, "Hey, don't look at me, jou moer."
Picture taken and we leave, once again crawling back to the office in bumper-to-bumper traffic.
Jeans-And-Tackies: "Jeeeesus Keyrist! Look at this traffic. Everyone at the office is excited about 2010 Soccer next year. I keep telling them, 'Guys, what about the traffic? We are going to be in hell. Complete hell for a full month.'."
I fill in the crappy Tazz's log book where the records show that indeed this hunk of junk is indeed always signed out to Jeans-And-Tackies.
Back at my desk I get another call from the inspector. He has just discovered that the first suspect has jumped bail on another case from another province. He is to be tried for a murder and an armed robbery committed at Hartebeespoort Dam.


  1. Yay that these dudes got caught!! Now let's hope they stay caught :)

  2. Love it when the cops get their man!