Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Enterprising fruit journalism, aspiring young farmers and vitaminwater

Today was, in many ways, a re-enactment of yesterday.
Mission one: what's the deal with the doctors' strike? Some colleagues arrived early to head out to state hospitals and see for themselves exactly what's happening. I got landed with the job of phoning the hospital CEO's for comment. I expected to encounter a bunch of difficult, obstructive government-types. Suprisingly the first three were warm, friendly, helpful women named Gladys, Florence and Susan. Some things just can't be predicted, I suppose.
Unlike my news editor, C-for-Serious who had obviously grown bored with leaving me alone and decided to forward me some arb e-mail. Like the invitation to the potato-grower foundation's annual braai. This one was a call for entries into the annual competition for great journalism on fruit. Yes indeed - Afrikaans entry form and a trophy and small cash prize up for grabs, in fact.
Joining the fun, her sidekick EvilIncarnate added to my joy by sending me a press release about aspiring young farmers. They giggled together as they conspired against my complaints, suggesting that I consider involving myself with a rich young farmer who could produce fruit that I could write about and win an award.*sigh*
Mission two: get some comment on the Egyptian soccer players who are up in arms about South African journalists implying that they entertained prostitutes in their hotel room. I am assured that there is film footage somewhere of the whole party so we are not backing down on the story. I get hold of the right guy. He whispers something about this becoming something of a diplomatic incident, says he cannot comment yet but takes my number and promises to get back to me. I am still waiting...
On the positive side - our IT guys have finally heeded our whinging about our severe internet access limitations. Our daily quota of 15 megs has been upped, and apparently moves are afoot to unban us from facebook. Now I will no longer have to apply for permission to access the social networking site which has been the source of some excellent stories. Like the Winnie Madikizela-Mandela profile clone who was racking up gazillions of friends much to the horror of the real-life lady, and the hundreds of youngsters signing up on the group "Steve Hofmeyr is my papa" .
And the new fridge in the newsroom was restocked with vitaminwater. Apparently we can help ourselves to it, for free!! At least I do. Yesterday I had dragonfruit flavour which, according to the label, contains a bunch of nutrients but by law still does not entitle the producers to claim that Thelma from Brakpan drank it and threw a cement mixer across a field.
Today I tried the berryXXX. Apparently the XXX is not to be mistaken for a porno rating but rather the triple anti-oxidants in the water, described as "kiff little ninjas that use really, really small nanchucks to beat the daylights out of free radicals".
It's quite nice. I hope it helps me kick the awful cold that has me in its grip!

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  1. I want vitaminwater too!
    I can't believe there has been more of an uproar over the fact that prostitutes stole their money than the fact that they hired prostitutes in the first place!