Friday, June 19, 2009

Boiling point

The offending toilet brush, your honour!

So how is this for a story?
A trade union in Mpumalanga has put a guy under investigation, and plan to get him fired. The reason? According to the report they gave to their local news agency, he used a toilet brush to clean his employee's kettle.
Ooookay. It seems that the owner of a petrol station bought a 25litre urn for his staff at the beginning of winter. He wanted his staff to have hot drinks whenever. So he bought an urn - not a kettle, mind you. So the manager went to go and clean the urn and used, what looks in the photograph supplied as evidence, a new toilet brush to scrub the urn out.
Somebody saw him and the whole thing turned into a big hoo hah. Employees are offended, the unions have been called in and everybody wants the manager fired. They have put the story out to the media.
I dunno hey. I figure that boiling water is sterile - even if are were microscopic particles of toilet material in it. Just like tap water in many parts of the world. I mean - this is Africa where we have cholera and insane levels of unemployment, not to mention real and serious crime.
Is it necessary to turn a toilet brush and kettle saga into a national incident?

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  1. Was it a new toilet brush? If it was an already-used-in-a-toilet brush then I may flip my lid too.