Friday, February 20, 2009

A fairytale...

Here is a play, inspired by approximately 1000 viewings of the Disney DVD "Sleeping Beauty".
Scripted by: Little One
Directed by: Little One
Narrated by: Little One
Starring: Little One in the lead role as Princess Aurora
Co-stars: Papa as Handsome Prince Phillip
Nana as Bad Queen Millificent
Jozi Journo/Mom as The Good Queen/Aurora's Mom
Setting: At home, in the lounge and kitchen with the height of the action taking place on the kitchen counter top between the two rooms.
Here we go then....

The scene: Nana and Papa sitting in the lounge, JJ in the kitchen making tea.

Little One as Narrator: One day there was a beeeeyooootifull princess and her name was Aurora. Do you want to see her hey guys?

Quick disappearance and she re-appears wearing her white net skirt decorated with coloured silk ribbons, a plastic silver crown and her clunky shoes. We are talking plastic heels that make a racket on the floor and have her walking like a troll in her efforts to stay upright and be elegant at the same time. But never mind.

Princess Aurora (speaking in the same high-pitched voice used by Little One's alter egos Christmas Fairy and Barbie): I am beeyoootifull Princess Aurora. (Voice returns to normal) Mom, you can be the Good Queen. Nana you are the Bad Queen Millificent. You are not allowed to smile okay. You just sit there and look baaad.

Narrator: Now Handsome Prince Phillip - you must stand up Papa. The handsome prince has gone away to slay dragons in the forest.

Exit Papa to dining room after standing stiffly, bowing regally to the princess who bows back as she has not yet learnt to curtsy.

Princess Aurora then climbs onto the kitchen counter where she sits and surveys her kingdom/lounge as Millificent and the Good Queen start to giggle.

Silence, solemn faces all round.

Narrator: Then one day Princess Aurora did prick her finger on a poison needle. Now where's my poison needle.
JJ grabs a fork and holds it out.
Narrator: No mom! That's too sharp!
JJ grabs a teaspoon and holds the handle out and uses it to prick Aurora on her finger.

Aurora stands on the counter, puts the back of her wrist to her brow, stumbles a little, twirls around and then lies down with her lies closed.

Aurora: Now I am dead. But just sleeping dead. Not squashed dead. Bad Queen, you must be happy. Phillip, where are you? Phillip you must come here now.
Enter Prince Phillip from the dining room, walking stiffly and bowing.
Aurora: Phillip, you must kiss me now.
Prince Phillip plants a kiss on Aurora's forehead.
Aurora sits up, stretches and smiles happily.
Narrator: Now the prince and the princess have to get married and they live happily ever after. But Aurora still stays with her mom so the Good Queen has to come and live with them. But no the Bad Queen. Not you, Millificent.
The End.