Monday, February 9, 2009

A conversation

Location: In the bath.
Present: Jozi Journo and Little One.

Little One: Mom, I've got a problem. It's a big, big, huge problem.
Jozi Journo: Oh dear. What's going on? I hate it when you have problems, so tell me and let's see if we can sort it out.
LO: Well, you see, it's like this. My Papa is already married to my Nana. And Derek is married to Joanne.
JJ: Yes....
LO: And Stefan is married to Annerie.
JJ: I know that.
LO: And then there is James. He is a very nice guy. But he is my cousin.
JJ: Ah, I see. So you are looking for somebody to get married to?
LO: Yes. And cousins can't get married to each other. So I have a problem.
JJ And you don't know anybody else?
LO: Well, there is Michael at my school. But he is a little one like me. He's just a small little kiddie.
(Hands move outward, palms up and fingers spread in dramatic style, emphasised by up and down motions)
Mom, I cannot get married to a kid. You have to help me find a big one please. Please, please mom.
JJ: Little One, you really don't have to stress about this. You can live with me, okay. You don't need to get married when you are three years old.


  1. howdy single mom.
    i'm reading- just not commenting a lot- looking forward to more.
    thanx for "following"!

  2. Hey angel - hope more of what's coming keeps you hooked :)