Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Dutchy dress goes global!

The Dutchy dress - that bright orange skimpy little number worn by the Bavarian babes in the ambush marketing campaign - has been the focus of my day.
I got to cover the second court of the two blonde Dutch women who were arrested last week for their part in what I think was the most brilliant marketing ploy by Bavaria.
It unfortunately ended up with two women being arrested for wearing Bavaria's little orange Dutchy dresses to a soccer game. But hey - a direct competitor to Budweiser (sole brewer at World Cup matches selling glasses of beer at R30 a shot!) that was once a small Dutch operation is now known all around the world.
So we - local and international media - gathered at the court this morning waiting to catch the next appearance of these two blonde babes who were facing jail time for what Fifa was pushing was a crime.
It was a two-hour wait for an appearance that was over in a few short minutes as the state withdrew all charges against them.
The girls were relieved, supporters gave them orange roses and they were ecstatic to get their passports handed back to them.
A diplomatic incident was averted.
Apparently Fifa decided not to pursue a prosecution against the accused on grounds that Bavaria settled with them out of court.
Huh! We may not get to hear what the settlement was - but I am betting that Bavaria scored global attention that money just can't buy!
Now it's time for Bafana to kick some French backside. Hopefully.
Go Bafana!
Waka waka eh eh and all that.


  1. Sheer brilliance... if Bavaria planned it this way!

  2. 所有的資產,在不被諒解時,都成了負債.................................................................