Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chariots and choices

I am feeling quite bleak!
Last week the motoring guys gave me a car to test drive. It has been awesome. For a week I have been driving around in a 2 litre top-of-the-range Hyundai i30. It has leather seats, a sunroof and buttons on the steering wheel that allow you to control your environment. It was silver, new and stylish. Somewhat above the level of my 1400 high spec Getz - which is black and looks like a little FBI car because the smash-and-grab protection I had put on the windows made them slightly tinted.
For one week I have been driving like those jerks that annoy 1400 drivers who can't quite keep the traffic gaps small enough to stop the smirking drivers of powerful cars and snarling taxi drivers from cutting them off at every opportunity.
Alas - my time is up.
Today I had to hand the shiny chariot back to the dealer. All that is left is to write up the experience.
I now have the choice. I can upgrade my paid-off car to one of these stylish numbers and deal with the payments, fuel bills and speeding fines that come with it. Or I can save my money and go overseas with my Little One.
So. Dilemma quickly sorted by the purchase of a couple of air tickets. Little One and I depart on July 31 for Australia. We shall be hitting the beaches of the ever-sunny Gold Coast and the snowy slopes of Tasmania and visiting family in Sydney.Woo hooo!
I may be back to driving a sluggish little car tomorrow. But I have a divine holiday to look forward. Not a bad situation at all.


  1. 每一粒厄運的種子,卻包孕著未來豐盛的果實........................................

  2. Well done on making the right choice. Memories of holidays with your child are more valuable than a vehicle, no matter how shiny or powerful it is. Have a great time in Oz!

  3. I wonder... If I keep testing laptops and printers, will I also get a car to play with one day?