Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Patricia, The Hoff, a heist and a heart attack!

Manic day today!
I arrived at work and was immediatly assigned to the Patricia Lewis story. The poor songbird has been diagnosed with six tumours on her thyroid. Her record company announced that, if timings worked out perfectly, she would be recording a duet with David Hasselhoff before going under the knife.
Apparently acting with Pattie's blessings, Sony Music announced all the details of her health issues so as to stop false rumours starting. The story was pretty straight up and down, so I decided to dolly it up with a bit of background and interesting facts and so googled up a storm.
Turns out, Pattie won 13 beauty competitions in her youth, starred in some TV ads and had a fling with The Hoff. Now googling David Hasselhoff was, as always, a completely entertaining venture in itself and I was stoked to discover a site that documents him as the anti-christ. But back to Patricia! I will have you know that this is not to be found anywhere on her official CV's - but in 1996 she starred in an erotic German thriller, a made-for-TV film that screened on late night German television. She initially denied allegations that she'd acted in a porno movie, but later admitted that she had starred in a production that did not quite get a porno rating, that she'd only said four or five lines in the entire flick and these had been dubbed into German and actually a body double had been used for the nude scenes.
Go figure.
First deadline over - then another big cash heist happened just near Lenasia. It was hectic! We had robbers galore shooting everywhere, scores of police reaction units, car chases, multiple crime scenes and tragically some poor hapless guy sitting in a park with his kid got shot in the head. And then during all of this, a police chopper is dispatched from the Joburg Air Wing. The pilot gets nailed in the leg, but carries on flying, using his police radio to direct ground units towards the fleeing baddies. Then he gets popped a second time, and still manages to fly himself and his crew to Milpark Hospital. Completely incredible!
All of this heady action served as a good distraction for me as I have gone into a mild panic state over my pending trip to cane toad-ridden Australia. I was planning on not worrying about that issue today. But then EvilIncarnate sent me another picture:



  1. You know, apart from reading the snippets on my news24 morning email, the only other news I get is here! And yours is so much more interesting!
    Those toads are bloody horrible- and I think if you keep posting pictures I may develop a phobia of my own!