Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday at long last!

Friday: my turn to stand in on the newsdesk as the early morning news editor. My chance to be the boss, handle the breaking news stuff and send everybody else running around on stories.
So I did. There was a chopped up body found in Wynberg, the new Gauteng Legislature cabinet was announced, we heard that three armed robbers held up an orphanage in Randburg last night and slapped two of the kids around and bit a social worker on the hand. Then M-Net called a press conference to clarify the colossal stuff up with sms votes on Sunday's Idols final. They'd crowned the wrong winner. Ooops!
The day passed as smoothly as a smooth day possibly can in a newsroom - basically like driving your car minus its tyres over a 4x4 dirt track at 100 k's an hour. It's a bit hairy and uncomfortable, but doable and you get there in the end.
The working week is over.
EvilIncarnate had the day off and I was spared her wicked tauntings about the cane toad plague in Australia, so I had a happy time disappearing mentally into my happy place to think about my pending holiday and the fact that I leave on Wednesday!
But did she leave me alone completely? Of course not!
She did not fail to leave me this lovely image:

I am sure this ongoing harrasment is now bordering on terrorism.
I'm just saying.


  1. I like her sense of humour and those are some brilliant pics! Don't forget to kiss one when you have the may well turn out to be your prince!

  2. I cannot look at it without shuddering! I think I would be able to rub haemorrhoid cream on it or whack it with a bat before I attempt a frog kiss!

  3. Holy crap- they're HUGE! You will definitely need a cricket bat.