Monday, April 4, 2011

Journalist's dog finds headless corpse.

This morning a rival newspaper completely outdid the daily paper I work for with a cracker of a lead!
I have never seen anything like it. Seriously.
Last week I thought we were running with a bizarre story when my Durban colleagues gave us the story about the former Blue Bulls rugby player who went running around with an axe and killed three people, actually decapitating one of them.
It all quietened down after the guy was arrested and the courts sent him for mental observation.
But now this morning another paper came up with a brilliant new development in the story. The Citizen's investigative reporter, who is apparently based in Durban, decided to take his dog Earl for a walk in the area where the Blue Bulls guy was staying during the time he alegedly took to running around with an axe.
And get this - the dog found a fourth body lying in the bushes. Minus a head.
The headline: "Earl solves a murder mystery". I swear
Talk about pro-active journalism.

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  1. Holy crap!?!? Didn't the cops search the area when they found the other bodies!??!