Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's a tokolosh thing!

Big news in today is that some members of the Pietermaritzburg community handed in a public petition to the local court claiming that an accused in a murder case uses tokoloshes to steal court documents, and they believe justice won't be done in his case as a result.
Yes, indeed this is true.
The accused is a wealthy traditional healer or witch doctor who apparently told a local guy to behead some other guy and then keep his head in the freezer if he wanted to become rich.
So the co-accused in this case allegedly went off and beheaded an 18-year-old and stored the head, with a snake wrapped around it, in his girlfriend's freezer.
It's not clear whether he became rich by doing this, but he did indeed get himself arrested along with the sangoma.
And now the local community is really uptight about it and set the girlfriend's house on fire and expressed their concern about tokoloshe's being used to steal the docket.
All true.
I swear.

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  1. OMW... OMW... Seriously!??!
    My jaw is on the floor!!