Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ama false teeth going cheap cheap!

Manic day.
Not only did I man the newsdesk this morning, but I also wrote a story.
Emma - the plucky 15-year-old left paralysed after hitting her head while diving into her pool at home - died this morning.
It was a story I covered when the accident happened, and now sadly - a day short of five months later - at the end of Emma's life.
Her tearful mom told me how Emma hadn't wanted to go to sleep last night and kept calling her mom and sister into her room for chats. She became increasingly distressed about pain in her shoulder, eventually stopped speaking at 1am and then 30 minutes later passed away in her mom's arms.
Sooooo sad.
Then just before I was ready to leave for home we received a tip-off.
Apparently some entrepreneurs in downtown Jozi have taken to ...erm ... recycling disused dentures. The teeth are collected from funeral undertakers al around and flogged off at R20 a pair.
I can just imagine buyers picking up a pair, trying them on, spitting them out and trying another before they find a near-perfect fit. Eeeew!
We were given an exact address where the vendor is punting the second hand munchers. But it turned out not to be so.
But somebody is definitely doing it somewhere.
Check out the picture of ama False Teeth:

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  1. LOL, there's a market for everything isn't there!
    I am so heart sore for Emma's family.