Monday, October 25, 2010

Auction action!

Stephan Welz & Company are having an auction soon. And they believe that the stuff going under the hammer is so exclusive that it warrants a press release, complete with a photograph of a particularly precious item up for sale.
It's a ginger jar, and looks like this:

According to the description, it's 32cm high on a wooden stand. It is painted with "stylised leaves, flowers and stars against a streaked green and yellow ground, gilt detailing, the cover similarly decordated, all under a lustre glaze".
It's pretty.
Then I saw that this little piece of pottery is expected to fetch between R25 000 and R35 000.
That's pretty expensive for a little item.
And then I saw the Christmas catalogue put out by Makro's liquor outlet. And I realised that R35 000 for a pretty little display item is an absolute steal.
I mean - check this out. R150 000 for a bottle of whisky! I kid you not! Here is the brochure, as photographed with my Blackberry!
And it is not a printing error or other kind of mistake. My colleague Boulders phoned them to check it out. And indeedio - a bottle of 50-year-old Glenfiddich will set you back the cost of a mid-range car!
For that price I would want it to drive me to work, make me coffee and give me a neck massage. At the very least!

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  1. Holy crap... I wonder if anyone has ever bought anything that expensive from Makro of all places!??!